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CONSTANLY being asked to register my Home Phone (Landline) number as a wireless number!?


CONSTANLY being asked to register my Home Phone (Landline) number as a wireless number!?

First off, I do not (nor will I ever if I can help it) have AT&T Wireless.  We moved 2 1/2 months ago to an area that does not have cell phone coverage of any type so we were forced to have a landline phone installed.  I placed the order online, got the phone hooked up (no visit necessary since the house had already been wired and had an active line from the previous tenants just a few weeks prior) and everything seemed fine.  I went online as instructed and created an online ID and added the home phone account once I received the paper statement and activated paperless billing.


Fast forward about a week and I start getting emails.. two a week with a confirmation code telling me I had to go to to enter the "online registration code" for my "Wireless phone number ending in 5667" .. my HOME PHONE number ends in 5667.. And it's most definitely NOT a wireless number.. As I stated, I do not have AT&T Wireless... I have a Verizon Wireless number that does not end in those digits. 


I went to the web address anyway thinking if I entered this code it would stop the emails, but could find no place on that page or any subsequent page to enter that code.  And to make things more annoying, everytime I log into the website to view my home phone account, I am again told my billing email address is missing and to enter it. I enter it every time I log in.  Then we get a phone call a few days later to confirm changes to our account!?  My husband always gets these calls and of course since nothing was changed, he freaks out thinking I've done something to the phone number. 


Here it is almost three months later, and I'm still getting these emails. I've asked AT&T via their contact us link to stop them and make sure my email address is entered correctly... which they assured me it was.. but again today I had to reenter it.  My bill was not sent to my email address this month... And when I try to set up ebill through my online banking website, it fails. 


AT&T needs to update their website, or change their emails or something because they do not go together AT ALL.  Just one more reason I'll never have an AT&T wireless phone.

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