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I have been an ATT customer since 2008, and never had a problem until I moved last November 2011.  Every month since November of last year, I called Att to complain.  I have been having billing problems.  I pay my bill every month.  Every month, I call to have Att correct my bill.  Evey month there are charges added to my account and have been disputing it.  I made sure the last time I called ATT and spoke with Ken that my billing problems have been rectified.  As was assured of that.  Today, I was shocked to received a Collection letter from a Bay Area Credit Service LLC, a collection agency hired by Att, stating that my account now has been referred to collection agency for owing $25.04.  How did that happen?  I am very upset, mad and frustrated already.  I am now ready to disconnect my service with Att.  Please help.


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call 800-947-5096 internal collections/ formally recievable management this dept can help/answer your question regarding your issue im confident as i am a rm rep just call Smiley Happy


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