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CHange to a Smart Phone before upgrade time?


CHange to a Smart Phone before upgrade time?

 I currently have a normal phon (Samsung Evergreen).  It was upgraded last year so is not due yet.  If I wanted to change to a Smart Phone, since that adds a data plan to the account and brings more sales to At&T, can I get a good/special deal on the phone or is it only the outrageous no committment price for the phone?  When I log on that is what I see but I am not going to pay that kind of money $350-400 for a phone that is normally much cheaper.


  It seems that since a data plan is added tha they would offer some type of upgrade price.


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Re: CHange to a Smart Phone before upgrade time?

You have to wait until you're eligible to get the special pricing. You're entitled to an upgrade discount every 18 - 24 months, just like everyone else.

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