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C905a - phone says camera lense is not open


C905a - phone says camera lense is not open

After opening up the camera application, I'm supposed to open the camera lense cover to use the camera. The problem is that that after  I open the lense cover, the phone tells me it's not open. I can't take pictures or video at all. What's the problem and how can I fix it?


Thanks in advance

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Re: C905a - phone says camera lense is not open

Have you already tried powering the phone off for a couple of minutes, then back on?  Or if that doesn't work, I'd try doing a master reset.  If those things don't resolve it or you continue to have the problem, you may want to consider filing for a warranty replacement.


The number for at&t's warranty department is 1-800-801-1101, or you can visit one of their "Device Support Centers" if there is one nearby.

Device Support Centers

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Re: C905a - phone says camera lense is not open

My wife's C905a just started doing this ... it's 2 months past the year warranty.  Mine has been fine, both purchased at the same time.  Odd thing is she hardly ever uses hers and I'd be at a loss without mine.


Bob H

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Re: C905a - phone says camera lens is not open

I called Sony repair and they want $135 flat rate to send in the camera for repair.


Bob H


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