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C2-01 internet problems


C2-01 internet problems

Nokia and ATT are both blaming each other for my internet not working so I wanted to air it out to you and get some Feedback. 

I just bought my non-att nokia C2-01 to replace a N85 which earpiece stopped working (only speakerphone).  When i got the new phone in I swapped the SIM, synced my contacts- ok, checked for software updates-none, checked if i could send and receive text and phone calls- working normally, then I charged my phone.  when my phone was charged I decided to check the OVI store for new ringtones.  The message I got was "unable to connect to service, try again later". I then went into my internet menu and tried to access home page. The message I got was "check homepage Address (i)".  I went to nokia's website and followed their directions of taking the battery out and letting it sit for a few min.  I replaced the battery and the problem still hasn't changed. the next step was to call ATT and see if everything was ok on their end.  A very nice service rep. told me my unlimited data plan was active. I was also told to restart my  phone again- problem still persists.  finally they told me to swap my SIM again to check N85 for internet usage- internet on N85 working normally. they advised me they had registered my phone with IMEI and model # and that it was A problem with the phone. Contacted nokia though their email service, they told me I had a faulty configuration, to get the right configuration from ATT and to reset it though my web settings. attempted to find said 'configurations' but the only similar settings i could find was Packet Data access point for which they were all set to default-  could not figure it out. Tried to find configuration info though ATT and am still having trouble finding the right one for my particular phone.- so confused 


Thank you for reading, 

could anyone tell me what I'm supposed to configure, or what my packet data code is supposed to be? or where I can find the information I actually need?

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Re: C2-01 internet problems

You can take a look at this post and then manually configure a new access point using these settings.  Then set it as the default access point for the phone to use.  Unfortunately Nokia won't help with carrier settings - they are determined by the carrier.  And at&t has made it incredibly difficult for users to find the required settings information - even for the phone models that at&t actually carries.


If the C2-01 has a settings wizard and you haven't already done so, I'd try running it first to see if that resolves the issue.  If using the settings wizard is not an option/doesn't work, you'll need to manually access the settings for WAP or internet.  It should be in your settings menu, under connectivity (or something similar - different models have slightly different menu layouts and nomenclature).

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