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Bypass Samsung Galaxy S2 300kb ringtone...

Bypass Samsung Galaxy S2 300kb ringtone...

Hi guys. Just wanted to share a tip on how to have a longer ringtone for your galaxy s2. Others may know this already but some may not. The maximum size of the ringtone permitted by the phone is 300kb long. Roughly 15-25 sec depending on the quality. Anyway, here's how to make it longer:


1.) Go to your phone's sd storage (not the micro that u can take out)

2.) Look for a folder named 'media' or make a folder named 'media'

3.) Get any ringtone that is smaller than 300 kb and rename it to an easily remembered word or title.

4.) Move that ringtone to the 'media' folder.

5.) Set it as the phone's ringtone.

6.) Go to any website (from a computer) and make ur ringtone.

7.) Save the ringtone to your computer (not phone yet!).

8.) Connect your phone to the computer through USB.

9.) Go to the phone's storage files through my computer (not the removable SD one if you have it).

10.) Look again for the folder 'media' and open it (don't close the window).

11.) Look for the saved ringtone you made and copy it.

12.) Go back to the window that has the 'media' folder opened.

13.) Memorize the name of the ringtone u're using now and any other info about it if it was shown (ie: aritst, album)

14.) Delete that ringtone file.

15.) Paste the copied ringtone that you made in this folder.

16.) Rename it EXACTLY as the deleted old ringtone you had and add in other info from before (by going to properties)

17.) Remove your USB via safe remove.

18.) Call your phone.



Hopefully this works for everyone. It did for me.This trick is the usual one used with samsung phones so.. yeah.

Idk about apps that could maybe do this easier. Ringdroid can set the notification but usually not the ringtone...





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