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Buying games from the desk top


Buying games from the desk top

Can someone help me with a question? In the past, before I owned a smart phone or had AT&T or had internet service on my phone, I was with Sprint and I was able to go online with my desktop and browse and purchase games that would be sent to my phone via my phone number. I only had to pay for the game and was never charged anything for data time. I was wondering what the policy for this was at AT&T because it is SO hard to find answers on this sight from AT&T. I did find the games and was able to narrow it down to the phone but the problem is, is that it is my son's phone and he doesn't have a data package. QUESTION: If I purchase a game from the desk top does AT&T charge him for the data download? Also, I noticed some people on here saying that once they purchased a game they found out later that the game needed to access the internet in order to run, to which no one answered their question; can you find out if a game requires internet access before you buy it? I understand the difference between a subscription and a one time purchase as well.

Thank you in advance to any who respond.Robot Sad

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