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Buyers Remorse Question

Buyers Remorse Question



Two fridays ago (3/4/11, shipped on 3/6/11) I bought an HTC Surround for my upgrade, last Friday (3/09/11, shipped on 3/10/11 ) I got a new phone under buyers remorse, because I wasn't happy with the HTC Surround. Now, a week later, I'm starting to be un-happy with the new phone I got under buyers remorse.. I've sent back my old phone, and I am currently using the phone I got under buyers remorse.


My question is, can I still get a new phone under buyers remorse, even though I've already swapped?


If anyone has an answer, thank you!

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Re: Buyers Remorse Question

No you cannot exchange again.  You're allowed one (1) exchange.


You may exchange equipment, other than Closeout Items, one time within 30 days, or 14 days for tablets purchased without a Service Commitment and MOTOROLA LAPDOCK, from the date the original equipment was purchased or shipped.


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