Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept


Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept



I have heard the rumors that the Iphone is getting a new release in Sept the iphone 4GS.  I am eligable for an update and I want an Iphone but if the new Iphone comes out in Sept then perhaps there will be a price drop on the Iphone 4.  My area doesn't have 3g yet so the whole 4g is not even an issue.  Do you think there will be a price drop?  I'd rather pay less than $199 for the phone if possible you know.

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Re: Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept

Many are assuming that a new iPhone will be announced shortly, but no one knows for sure.  I wouldn't worry about not having 4G as most everyone believes that the next phone won't be 4G anyway.  There may be a price drop on the iPhone 4 when the new ones come out, but again no one knows until Apple announces pricing.

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Re: Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept

Base your decision on what is available now, not what might be available in a month.  Technology gets outdated, there is always something newer, better, faster, cheaper coming out.


There are no guarantees on when the next iPhone will be released or what features it will have.

All we know at this point is that iOS5 will be released this fall.  That does not guarantee new hardware.


It is highly unlikely that any new iPhone released this year will be LTE as AT&T is just rolling out that network.  It may be HSPA+ and marketed as 4G, but until Apple announces it, no one knows for sure.

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Re: Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept

i am waiting  on my upgrade. i  have one but i am wiating to see of there is a new iphone. if not i am going back a new iphone 4 in white.

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Re: Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept

Not sure about price as no one knows until it happens. I would wait unless you have to have it now....

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Re: Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept

I would wait until the next iPhone is released. Should you upgrade now and get the iPhone 4, you might have regrets as you may like the iPhone 5/4G/4GS/whatever Apple will officially name it better. What would make it even worse, is knowing that you were only a month or so away. Smiley Wink

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Re: Buy Iphone 4 now or wait until Sept

as long as you have a working phone


wait for the love of god wait..


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