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Business Use of the Microcell - Pro / Con/ Suggestions


Business Use of the Microcell - Pro / Con/ Suggestions

We are a business customer that uses Microcells to boost signal in our building as well as for users at their homes.  We currently have 8 units on our account.

When the devices are working they work great.  Good signal and good coverage. 

There are a list of improvements that would make it easier for corporate users.

- Improve the website for activation and maintenance.  Each time you login it is almost like it is your first time there and you have to take an extra step to get to your list of devices.  Once at the list of devices it is easy to make a mistake and alter the setup for the wrong device.

- A master list of approved users that propagates to all of the microcells would make sense in a business environment.

- Allow more than 10 approved users for each device.

- An unsecured  setting  that would allow any AT&T phone to connect would also help.  In a rural environment it is unlikely that unwanted users will be an issue.

- The GPS antenna limitation restricts the ability to place the microcells for best coverage.

- We have had a series of difficulties getting a couple of the microcells online and we never got a clear answer on the reasons why. 

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Re: Business Use of the Microcell - Pro / Con/ Suggestions

For larger installations than SOHO, the Microcell is not a very good solution. You would likely do much better either by installing a signal booster or by getting AT&T to install a "mili-cell" like they do, for instance, at Apple stores.

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