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Bravo slowness and freezing issues


Bravo slowness and freezing issues

Well, I basically came to the forums here because I didn't know where else to go to report this, but I opened up 4 lines and 2 of them were Bravo's back in June of last year.  By now, my users are sick of them slowing down and freezing on them all the time. 


They are not really savvy users, but I am and I've looked at both of them repeatedly and tell them how to use it and check their mem usage frequently to close apps and restart at least once a day and same issue persists right away.  The phone eventually will freeze up and become as useless as a paperweight. 


This appears to be a problem with the hardware (processory, memory specs) which is unable to apparently handle the "load" of the android operating system (not to mention the "bloatware" which AT&T adds which might be using up system resources). 


This needs to be addressed, acknowledged, and there must be someone held accountable for this because when you buy a PHONE and it cannot even work to make CALLS, pretty much, that to me is considered being HAD and we bought useless pieces of equipment that we are now stuck with.


Somebody needs to start a CLASS-ACTION lawsuit regarding this issue.  Maybe AT&T is not responsible, maybe Motorola for not doing enough testing. 


So who's in?

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