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Bold Touch 9900


Bold Touch 9900

AT&T... PLEASE carry the Bold Touch 9900 when it is released.

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Re: Bold Touch 9900

AT&T let a few surprises out of the bag recently as they announced they are discontinuing a number of BlackBerry smartphones. 

While it's not surprising that the older Curve models are being discontinued after many successful years, it is surprising that AT&T is choosing to let the Bold 9000 go as it's been one of RIM's most successful models. It would be smart of RIM, if they haven't already, to create a phone with the same size specs but with an more updated OS. Users of the 9000 really loved it's spacious and comfortable keyboard as well as it's large screen. Next to the touchscreen BlackBerry devices, it boasts the biggest screen! 

AT&T to discontinue the following devices:

  • BlackBerry Curve 8310
  • BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000

With AT&T releasing four very successful devices, hopefully this means that they will be introducing a new line of more updated smartphones.


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Re: Bold Touch 9900

If it isnt out by now ..... Att isnt getting the Bold 9900 - the Bold 9900 will be obsolete in two months anyhow ... when att decides to sell it users that wanted it will be contracted with Verizon... or another carrier.

I have been waiting for this phone for months


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