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Bluetooth audio dropouts on LG Thrive


Bluetooth audio dropouts on LG Thrive

Bluetooth audio played from LG Thrive is interrupted for a fraction of a second intermittently every few minutes.  This occurs with all five bluetooth devices I've tried, even at close range, but not with the built-in speakers or a wired connection to headphone jack.  Are others experiencing this problem?  Any solutions?


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Re: Bluetooth audio dropouts on LG Thrive

probably will have to replace the device. i would say it's the headset but not likely if it's happening to multiple ones.
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Re: Bluetooth audio dropouts on LG Thrive

Replacing the LG Thrive did not prevent bluetooth audio dropouts. Dropouts also occur with a Miccus BluBridge BT transmitter plugged into the phone's headphone jack, so I suspect RF interference is the cause.
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