Blocking a number?


Blocking a number?

Hi, I've been receiving spam text messages about Jesus and Easter from a phone number and I'd like to know if there is any way to block the number from sending me any more messages. I know that the number is real, and I don't even know the person. I spoke to AT&T's customer service and the lady told me they couldn't do anything unless I payed $4.99 a month for "parental control". My phone offers a "reject" list sort of thing, but it only blocks the number from calling me, not texting me. So, once again, any free way to block a number from texting me? Thanks.
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Re: Blocking a number?

Depending on what make/model device you have. Some manufacture have some of their devices where they can enable blocking such as text messages. If you could tell me the make and model I may be able to answer that for you. Otherwise then it'd be the $4.99 SmartLimits feature. It a new text about Easter then it may end shortly.


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