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Blocking Incoming Call From Specific Number!?


Blocking Incoming Call From Specific Number!?

Is there any way to block a caller? I have been getting calls from some international number, 011 0012063373269, EVERY morning for the last month. It has become very very annoying. I ignore the call. Easy enough. I know I could add a silent ringtone, but I want the call to just be dropped or rejected. I cannot believe in this day and age that option is not available. I looked through the #block and blacklist apps in the app store for iPhone and the apps are all a joke. They don't BLOCK any numbers. AT&T, really? No way to to reject a call from this annoying robo caller?

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Re: Blocking Incoming Call From Specific Number!?

By the way, I tried the "Smart Limits" for $4.99 per month, but in only allows 10 digit numbers.


So, it is useless if I cannot block the International number.

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