Blocked site?!?!


Blocked site?!?!


I cannot get to this site via iPhone 3GS 4.2 when on 3G.  using wifi home/work/library/hotspot no problem but whenever trying to go through the iPhone's own safari or as a tethered device.. I cannot get the site.


I'm in the SFBayarea.


Any anyone else in the bayarea get there?


Server:   <--- tried of course with ATT default dns

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Re: Blocked site?!?!

Get the opera browser and see if you can then go to that site.

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Re: Blocked site?!?!

Is that site running Flash?  The iphone does not support Flash, and any site that uses it will not work.

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Re: Blocked site?!?!

Doesn't load for me on my Mac using U-Vese to connect and AT&T DNS.

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Re: Blocked site?!?!

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yes something is wrong!! i tried to connect website "d or m.d" from iphone safari with 3g network, it won't open or load the site....BUT when i connect my iphone with WIFI, the site work.......


what is wrong with 3g network now!!!!! plz help

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