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Blocked iPhone


Blocked iPhone

Hi everybody out there,


I'm an Italian citizen who spent few months in the States this year on business. When there I bought  from Best Buy an AT&T looked iPhone 4, paid at full price with no discount, which I used utilizing a Sim card with an AT&T plan of a friend of mine. Now I'm in Italy and I cannot use this phone because is blocked. I'm wondering why I cannot use a phone, I paid full price, with a company different than AT&T. This is a real abuse and I'm considering to sue AT&T. It is like to buy, say, a Ford car (or whatever else) and then Ford pretend you use it only with Mobil gas and not with Exxon. There is no way for me to contact even by email AT&T (I tried, but their web site is a nightmare) and they have no Italian subsidiary.  Any of you has any suggestion on how to contact these people?


Really many thanks for your attention.


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Re: Blocked iPhone

Except for within the last month or so when Apple, and Apple only, started selling unlocked iPhones, all US iPhones have been locked to ATT. It doesn't matter who you bought it from, how much you paid, or whether you had a contract or not. You bought a locked phone. There was plenty of information on the web and in forums like this that that would have pointed out that fact before you bought the phone.

As for who you can call, there is no one. Neither Apple nor ATT have indicated that they will unlock anyone's locked US iPhone. If you want to sue ATT, Apple, or Best Buy, good luck with that. No one has been successful in getting ATT or Apple to unlock their phones that I know of, and a number of people have tried.
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Re: Blocked iPhone

understand that how GSM works in the US is not the same as it may work elsewhere. Your box clearly stated that the iPHone was locked to ATT. Until they change that policy, there is no official way to unlock your iPhone. You may have paid "full" price but that just got you an iPHone with no contract obligation.

Since this is all clearly spelled out, you do not have a basis for suing anyone!

Try eBay and buy an iPhone that works for the network you need.

For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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Re: Blocked iPhone

Yeah, sorry guy, but buying at full price doesn't mean an unlocked phone, it is locked, and as of today, can not (or will not) be unlocked by Apple or AT&T. As others pointed out, look at the back of the box, is clearly states that it is locked to AT&T with no indication that it can be unlocked, you can stop considering to sue anyone, waste of time.

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