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Blocked Unknown Caller


Blocked Unknown Caller

I have an unknown number that calls me everyday, multiple times a day, especially late at night.  When I have answered, there is no one there, just silence.  They never leave a voicemail or say anything.  I figure if it was a telemarketer or bill collector they would most definitely say something!  It has been going on for months, and I am fed up.  Does anyone know of anything I can do? 

I haven't tried to block unknown numbers because when people call from the university I attend it shows up as an unknown number.

I am at my wits end! 

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Re: Blocked Unknown Caller

i had an issue like this as well and customer service told me that there was nothing i can do

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Re: Blocked Unknown Caller

you can download privacy star. I have it. It works awesome.


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Re: Blocked Unknown Caller

Hi! I have the same exact problem and AT&T can't do anything except change my phone number (which I've had since 1999, so I really do not want to change it now).


I looked up PrivacyStar, but see that it won't work on an iPhone. Have you ever heard of anything similar for the iPhone? I googled around but came up with nothing - but that app sounds perfect.


Thanks =)

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Re: Blocked Unknown Caller

Yes, when I talked to AT&T they told me that they can't do anything but change my number.  However, she did tell me of a site called that will unmask the blocked number.  She said seemed to work for people she had talked to, but is not affiliated with ATT, she just wanted to let me know.  I signed up for it for a month ($5 i think) and it did indeed unmask the blocked number, and I haven't had a blocked call like that since.  I don't know if it was coincidence or what, but it is worth a try if that is your problem.  I  hope that makes sense Smiley Happy

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