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Block incoming calls


Block incoming calls

How do I block incoming calls from a specific number:

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Re: Block incoming calls

You can't unless you pay for Smart Limits on your phone or if your particular model supports it internally. For example, with the LG CU500, I had a Call Reject List for crazy ex-girlfriends. LOL

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Re: Block incoming calls

You get an app from the Market.  There are lots of call blockers out there.  I use Mobile Manager's Call Blocker.  Works great, except that it doesn't block "unknown" or "private" numbers.  You can blacklist/whitelist numbers for SMS or calls, though.  I use the free version, but there are lots of paid blockers out there, too.  Not sure if they're any better.

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Re: Block incoming calls

Yes, My LG Encore has a Call Reject List which is under "Call"  in the Communications menu.

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