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Blackberry email ongoing problem?


Blackberry email ongoing problem?

Hello BB users, just wondering if anyone else continues or has been experiencing problems with latency on BB EMail accounts they have... both of my accounts i use (Comcast an YAhoo) both are lagged and sporadic with appearing (messages) on my BB 9700 (Bold) -- i spoke to rep yesterday who told me they (ATT) were having Latency issues w BB, and the outage was likely the cause.. I can go hours and hours without seeing a single email come thru to my BB, then get 60-70 messages at one time ... when check phone this AM all messages were there, so thought was resolved, but Nope , now seeing same issues?!



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Re: Blackberry email ongoing problem?

The past 10 days have been a nightmare for many BB users I bet. Today they have their system "down for updates & repairs" according to a RIM employee I just spoke to. Got a refurb replacement phone from tech asst center today and they can't even set it up!! I've spent hours this week trying to get mine fixed, glad they finally saw they had a problem. Not crackberry, they're pyschoberry this week. Time for an iphone 5. hurry up and get them AT&T!!

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Re: Blackberry email ongoing problem?

My email stopped working over a month ago... I took it to a store and they said it was due to the fires... however when I travel to a different city, still doesn't work.... does anyone know when it will come back???

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Re: Blackberry email ongoing problem?

Here is a link to RIM's update site where they've been posting updates on the service: It's your best go to for up to date info. 


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