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Blackberry Ringtone Problem


Blackberry Ringtone Problem

I purchased my blackberry curve on December 23 and have since then been trying to buy ringtones.
I get this message "You are not currently in an area that can handle data communication.  As a result the browser cannot retrieve any web pages.  Please try again when you are in a different location or contact your service provider if the problem persists."
I have tried when I am in "another location" and still get the message.  I also get the message when i have full bars and there is not a problem with little or no service.
This problem does not lie only in the "Shop Tones" section but "MediaNet", Shop Games, Graphics, Themes, Multimedia, and Applications" as well.
I did not purchase the media package but on my old phone I didn't have the package but I could still buy ringtones.
Any clue what's wrong???
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Re: Blackberry Ringtone Problem

You need to have a data plan for any data transfers.
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Re: Blackberry Ringtone Problem

Max69 wrote:
You need to have a data plan for any data transfers.

And there is no pay per use available for a Blackberry device.
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