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Blackberry Pearl 8110 or 8120


Re: Blackberry Pearl 8110 or 8120

Why is that surprising?  At&t can't add features to the device:,C101,P624#tab_tab_specifications

It seems that under the new model number scheme the xx20 models will be the WiFi units while the xx10 units will have GPS (though the 88xx series strays from this).

akdoc wrote:
Any other ideas?

Select your carrier based on coverage first.  GSM devices can be unlocked and used with other carriers.  If you don't like crippled devices then don't use VZW.

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Re: Blackberry Pearl 8110 or 8120

the Blackberry Pearl 8120 is currently available on the AT&T business side website.  It is not currently available on the consumer side. 


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Re: Blackberry Pearl 8110 or 8120

how long has it taken to go from the corporate site to the consumer site typically? this is going to be my first smartphone and im pretty excited!
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Re: Blackberry Pearl 8110 or 8120

I see that the 8120 is available on the business side. Any idea on when it will be available on the consumer side?
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