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Blackberry Curve International

Blackberry Curve International

So, like a few other posts on here, I am moving to England for a year for my Masters and I have a year left on my plan and want to keep it. I went to the FAQ section and there were add on plans and all that. So, If I pay an extra 5.99/ month, my Blackberry will be usable for the year in England without outrageous roming fees? I read the ones on the front page but they have to do with iPhones, which I dont have. Thanks
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Re: Blackberry Curve International

There are no AT&T plans designed for full time use outside of the US.  There are ways to limit your roaming charges but you will be roaming 100% of the time.  There are data add on packages to lower the cost but if you are going to be there full time you really should simply get your Blackberry unlocked and purchase a local sim card.  There are so many "pay as you go" no contract plans available that are very reasonable in price.  The major providers are Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, and the 3 Network (does not work on your device).  All of your incoming calls will be free with a local sim card and many of them have good plans to call back to the US for cheap rates.  With AT&T the lowest price for all of your incoming, outgoing, and calls re-routed to voice mail will be $0.99 per min on top of your usual monthly plan charges.
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Re: Blackberry Curve International

So, without a small fortune, my AT&T phone isnt worth much. My question is this though: I will be living there full time and will need a phone. Im guessing I could use my Blackberry over there on a seperate network (unlike an iPhone, I have a SIM card) under a year long contract, right? I would have to early terminate, just barely I believe, my contract with AT&T and then what happens to my number? I have many contacts under my current number and Im assuming that I wont be able to get that number back, right?
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Re: Blackberry Curve International

The Curve should work fine with all UK networks other than 3.  At least earlier this year, Orange had a prepaid Blackberry plan for £5 a month.  
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Re: Blackberry Curve International

Before you leave make sure you get your subsidy unlock code from at&t so that your handset will accept a new sim card for another provider.  When you arrive head over to a nationwide store called Carphone Wharehouse.  They have sims from all the major UK providers and they can help you compare which one will be best based on your needs.  There is no need to sign a contract in the UK unless you really want to.  There are great plans on the "pay as you go" offering so you just add money to your account when you need to to.  Pay as you go plans are very common in the UK and can help you control costs.


If you can prove to at&t that you are moving overseas they may waive the early termination fee on your contract but you will need to ask in advance.   As far as keeping your number check out other posts in this section of the forum.  There are many places where you can port your current at&t number to either park it or have calls follow you to the UK over the internet or via call forwarding options. 

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Re: Blackberry Curve International

PhoneQuestion1 wrote:

  (unlike an iPhone, I have a SIM card)


What are you talking about?  The iPhone has a removable SIM card like any other ATT phone.  It lacks a MicroSD port.


The World Traveller plan ($5.99 a month) gets you slightly reduced (but still expensive) rates as indicated on the following webpage:


Roaming fees are unavoidable if you want to use your US cell phone number/account.  Its expensive for ATT to license service from foreign countries, and they pass that expense down to the customer.   ATT's international rates are competitive with other US carriers. 


As others mentioned, your best bet is to get some kind of local SIM card.  Unfortunately, this will mean that people will need to call a UK number to reach you.



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Re: Blackberry Curve International

Sorry, but I'm not buying this at all.   In my view, there is no way ANY carrier can justify the international roming rates that they are charging us.   Collusion is the term that comes to mind..........

Its expensive for ATT to license service from foreign countries, and they pass that expense down to the customer.   ATT's international rates are competitive with other US carriers. 



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Re: Blackberry Curve International

That may be, but they aren't going to change this very soon. Using third party services, it is cheap to foward to a UK mobile.  I use voicetrading and can do it for $0.08 a minute. 
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