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Blackberry Bold 9700


Blackberry Bold 9700

Tried to use my phone and the screen went black when I started dialing. The red light at the top right blinks 4 times and stops then blinks four times. This continues. I have taken the battery out and still no screen. Any thoughts.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700

This is sevier problem and you need to check out your phone go to the customer service they will solve your problem.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700

I recently downloaded the BB App and now I cannot keep a charge. My battery life has always been excellent and ever since yesterday, my battery will barely hold a charge. I  charged it all the way through the night and it has only been 2 hours and almost all of my battery is gone. Has anyone heard any feedback or similiar situations to mine and is there a fix for it?


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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700

I had the same problem as a new user.....In my opinion I somehow hit the standby button on top.   I took out my battery, put it back in and taaaddddaaaa, it worked again.

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