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    Posted Mar 29, 2011
    1:45:55 PM
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    BlackBerry PlayBook

    On March 22nd, RIM announced the upcoming availability of their new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, with the BlackBerry Tablet OS on April 19th


    The BlackBerry PlayBook with Wi-Fi is an ultra-portable tablet that measures less than half an inch thick and weighs less than a pound.  It features a vivid 7-inch high-resolution display that is highly-responsive with a fluid touch screen experience. It also offers uncompromised web browsing with full Adobe Flash (10.1) support, true multitasking, HD multimedia, advanced security features, instant on and out-of-the-box enterprise support. In addition, when paired with a BlackBerry smartphone (BlackBerry OS 5.0 or higher required), PlayBook provides real time access to email, calendar, address book, task list and BBM™. 


    The Playbook will be available via national retailers on April 19th.  The device will become available in other channels, including AT&T sales channels, later this year.  The AT&T launch date, channel availability, and pricing for the BlackBerry PlayBook will be made available at a later time.


    For information on BlackBerry PlayBook and to receive product updates, please visit


    To access the press release, please visit

    BlackBerry PlayBook

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