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BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Missing In Action


BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Missing In Action

If AT&T thinks it's rerun of the Torch phone will win over the dedicated BlackBerry user they are grossly mistaken. It looks and feels "cheap" with an inferior keyboard. Where is the new Bold? Missing in action. Who is in charge of product planning?
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Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Missing In Action

It's downright shameful. AT&T is about a week away from losing the $5,000/yr+ they earn from my multi-line account, solely because of the pathetic and rediculously poor job they've done of handling the launch of this phone. They've done the corporate equivalent of thrusting their middle fingers in the face of their loyal and high-value BB customers.


Considering that T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon are selling out of the 9900/9930 as fast as they get them in, I sincerely hope some heads roll at the AT&T HQ over their decision to release it 3 months later than their competition.

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Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Missing In Action

Ridiculous that EVERYONE else has the 9900/9930.  My account isn't $5,000+ a year, but do they not care about losing my $2,500+ plus account either?  I'm actively researching Sprint and Verizon, and will likely switch within the next week or two, if no news on the 9900 comes out....

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Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Missing In Action

i don't understand either.   i'm not going from the 9800 to the 9810.  i NEED the 9900, TODAY!  

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Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Missing In Action

Guess the arrogance of assuming a successful merger with T-Mobile may have played into their sophomoric business decision?  Been a 4 line customer since Cellular One days.  Time to march to T-Mobile.  The 3d party announcement of a November roll-out is similar to the first "delayed flight" announcement.  The first lie of many.


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