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BlackBerry 8820 Help


BlackBerry 8820 Help



My friend Doug just bought a BlackBerry 8820 on eBay and he is currently a customer with AT&T. He wants to know if there are any hidden fees with just slipping his 3G sim card into his new BlackBerry.  He doesn't have time to go looking for solutions for this problem, so he asked me if I would.





He currently has a Samsung SGH-A767

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Re: BlackBerry 8820 Help

Blackberry? If he uses his SIM card in a Blackberry then AT&T may (and most probably will) add a Data Plan to his account (it's usually the DataPro 2GB of $25 the one they add). Tell this to Doug, if he doesn't want the Data Plan to be added to his account then better not to use the Blackberry. If he wants it but he doesn't want to pay that much then he can ask at least for the DataPlus 200MB feature of $15.


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Re: BlackBerry 8820 Help

The larger carriers all detect a blackberry and add a Blackberry data plan.

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Re: BlackBerry 8820 Help

I'll be getting an 8820 and I'm a prepaid (gophone) user. The only data plans available for gophone users is the 1MB and 200MB plans which are $5 and $20 respectively. When I get this phone will it automatically charge me the $20 data plan or is there a different data plan that can be added monthly? Do I need to call customer support to inquire about it or will it do it automatically?

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Re: BlackBerry 8820 Help

Hi there.


I know that it was a while since you posted regarding your Blackberry 8820. Please help me. I own an ex-AT&T Blackberry 8820 which still runs OS 4.2. When I update it to OS 4.5 all goes well until i try to use the device because it shows 'No Network' - How do i fix this?




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