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Billing question


Billing question

This is concerning my home phone and since there is no forum for home phones, I'm posting here.


I did a advance payment for April 26th. When my money hadn't come on  in time, I called AT&T on the morning of April 25th to postpone it until the 29th. The CSR told me he could do that and it was re-scheduled for the 29th. I called on the 28th to find out that the payment had not been re-scheduled & that it had gone through on the 26th. I had the the CSR check and make sure that no payment was scheduled for the 29th. He told me that no payments were scheduled at all. I then talked to another person and made payment arrangements for my May bill. I then called my bank and found out that it had already been refused by the bank.


I check my bank account online this afternoon, May 4th, and found out that AT&T ran the payment through again. Either that or there was a payment scheduled for the 29th and it was sent through. And again, it was refused by the bank. Is AT&T going to send it again? Any suggestions on what to do?

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Re: Billing question

call them, this is a peer to peer forum only. ATT only moderates it.

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