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Billing issues, about to leave att


Billing issues, about to leave att

If you pay your bill from the internet on your phone and you get the confirmation screen and everything .... IT MEANS NOTHING, unless you get the email confirming your payment.


I had the money, I "paid" my bill from my phone, then, a couple weeks later I got an email saying my bill was ready. I logged in to see the same bill I had already "paid" weeks ago. I had the on screen confirmation, but no official email confirmation. Apparently, that means they didn't get the payment. Unfortunately, I had assumed that the bill was paid and had spent some of the money needed for the bill. I paid what I could, as a disabled mother living off $800/month can, and almost had my phone shut off because of it.


Also, even though I had lowered my rate plan to a cheaper plan, they were still charging me the old higher price and the whole payment/non-payment fiasco, I was ready to leave along with my 7 other family members that i had convinced to join At&t back in 2003 & 2004.


One more issue and we are gone.. coming up on upgrade time fro me and a couple of my family members and in 2 days I get my next bill in 2 days. The bill had better have a credit for when I changed my plan and our upgrades better go smoothly or they are going to loose 7 very loyal customers and we will make sure every one knows all the issues we have had over the years and there have been many, but as I said we are very loyal. However, we've had it now

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Re: Billing issues, about to leave att

I literally HATE ATT, they are full of lies and I've only had them for 2 months and my bill is $200 close to $300 each time. My bill was only 160 at Comcast so where is this big savings I was supposed to be getting when I switched. I was at home minding my own business when ATT representative called me and convinced me to switch..BAD mistake,


I'm switching back Tomorrow morning, I can't take this nor can I afford it!!

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Re: Billing issues, about to leave att

I understand where you are coming from. I was an AT&T customer for about 10 yrs. I moved to a location where AT&T could not provide service and cancelled my contract, paid the account off and paid the cancellation fee... That started 10 months ago. Over the past 10 months AT&T refuses to cancel my account appropriately. They overcharged me on the cancellation fee and keeps stating that there's a balance due on the account. I've faxed proof of payments, had my bank fax proof of payments and today, I just got another bill from AT&T stating I owe them a ridiculous amount of money which is inconsistent. 2 months ago I even had then start ANOTHER investigation on the account and got ANOTHER case number and written and verbal verification that I need not do anything unless I am called with a result from the investigation. That call was supposed to come by 4/12/11. It never came therefore in written and verbal understanding, I owed nothing... However, the bill I received yesterday states my account is overdue. I can't even look up my account because it states online that my account no longer exists... however it's somehow still incurring charges.

Needless to say I have an attorney on standby and I nor my family will NEVER become AT&T customers again!!!

Good luck with your case!!! Know you're not the only one who has found AT&T to be incompetant in fixing their mess ups.

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