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Billing & account errors


Billing & account errors

Wow, I've had AT&T for about 2-3 weeks.


First of all, why is the online bill pay setup to not allow any late transactions??? Don't people always go online to make a payment if it is past due? Isn't that the first place you look, since you can pay immediately, instead of waiting for something to arrive in the mail? What a completely idiotic feature, to have error messages pop up that prevent you from paying a late bill.


And 2nd, I would never have been late with the bill if the stupid employee who signed me hadn't put in THE WRONG ADDRESS on my account! I didn't get the bill until this weekend, and it was due on Sunday! There was absolutely NO WAY that I could have paid the bill on time, because it showed up at the wrong address. He had me write down my new address twice in the store so he would get it right, and he still screwed up.


For that matter, he also had my driver's license, social security card, all that stuff in front of him for 2 hours while he tried to set up my account, and managed to spell my name wrong as well. I've already corrected that issue.


And your customer service options are only open during the day??? Are you kidding me??? A company this big, with this many clients, and you can't bother to have 24/7 service reps?


I want to pay this stupid bill now. And I want to known what else they might have screwed up when they set up my phone and new service... what are my options for paying a late bill, and who do I talk to in order to ensure that this doesn't go on my record as being late???


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Re: Billing & account errors

Dial *PAY on your AT&T phone to pay your bill.


If its only two days late you have nothing to worry about.

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Re: Billing & account errors

I'm glad to see the community managers care more about their content filters than responding to people's issues.

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Re: Billing & account errors

611 worked when called during business hours, but now I can't fix my address because "my account is less than 30 days old."


How stupid is your system? I mean come on, why would you put a time gate on your accounts so that users CAN'T fix incorrect information. Now my next bill is going to go to the wrong address too, I'll be lucky if the current resident forwards this one to me as well. Or I can drive an hour to the location where I first set up my phone to correct the **** that screwed all of this up. He had me write the address twice already, who's to say he's going to get it right this time?


And still no reply from community managers 2 days later. I'll be switching back to Verizon as soon as I can I guess.


And more crap from your ***** content filter.

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Re: Billing & account errors

AT&T doesn't have a real official role here they sometimes help. First though, you most certainly can pay your bill online even if its late, and the Billing address change within 30 days is to prevent fraud.
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