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Billing Question about broken iPhone - help?


Billing Question about broken iPhone - help?

Hello, I tried to use the Contact Us link, but it wouldn't work, just kept logging me off. I could call, but then I'm on hold forever. This has been a nitemare already so I didn't want to sit on someone else's cell phone forever since mine is broke.

My first iPhone 4 died, had it replaced. The second "refurbished" iPhone died a different death, completely different problem one week into using it.  Therefore last month I didn't use ANY minutes! ZERO. But i went ahead and paid my full bill.  All I want to do, while I'm waiting to get another iPhone is ask if they give you a refund if their phone keeps breaking & you aren't able to use it. I feel taken when I pay my large AT&T wireless bill when I didn't even get to use the phone all month! Who, where do I speak with. Is it an option? Am I just outta luck??  Thanks!

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Re: Billing Question about broken iPhone - help?

I don't believe you will have any luck getting a refund for not using your plan minutes.

It is not AT&T's fault your phone wasn't able to use the network. Your beef is with Apple. And i seriously doubt you will get any relief from them.

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Re: Billing Question about broken iPhone - help?

All i can say is maybe you shouldn't get an iphone... Get a phone that you can afford...

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Re: Billing Question about broken iPhone - help?

at&t supplies you access. you pay even if you are unable to use it. just the same as you pay insurance still if your car breaks down or for cable if you lost electricity
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