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Billing Problems


Billing Problems

This is probably not the place to post this but here goes:


Last month AT&T billed an account that we had to change, due to changing banks, and there was very few funds in the account they ran our bill thru. So instead of getting notified, for example like a NSF check/credit card, they went ahead and ran the bill thru the bank card we were about to close, and might I add, AT&T got paid. So that put my already low balance account in Overdraft, and I was charged a 37.00 fee. So I called and explained the situation to AT&T and after 45 more minutes on the phone, the resolve they came to was that they were not going to help me with the 37.00 fee. So today I get a text to pay message and low and behold it has the incorrect  last 4 for a credit card on the message. This is when I called and spent the 45 minutes making sure the wrong account  doesn't get charged again??????

Anyone have these same kinda issues ???

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