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My parents havea family plan and I want to add a phone (Im a kid). Im paying for it by myself, so I need to go cheap.


Im looking at getting:



Pantech Persuit


300 mins


Unlimited texting



About how much would it cost to add the line (First payment and monthly)?




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Re: Bill

First of all, do you have either of your parents' permission to add a new line (your's)? If so, then you should be all set. You could probably share the minute/voice plan with your parents if they have a FamilyTalk plan. So that takes care of that, in other words, "free", if your parents decide to allow you to share their talk plan with them. The phone itself is probably free with a qualifying new two-year contract. And adding your line would only be an additional $9.99. If your parents DO NOT have unlimited messaging/Family Unlimited Messaging, you will be required to pay $20.00 for your messaging package. So, looking at it all, there will be a $36 activation fee to activate your new line, $9.99 for the monthly price of your line, possibly the price of the phone itself, and the possible $20 for messaging if not already applicable. And your parents may make you pay to use their voice plan, too, but that's up to them. Smiley Wink So, for the first payment, it's looking like $45.99 or $56. To get unlimited messaging, that's $20.00 plus taxes and surcharges every month on your end of the bargain. So either $9.99 a month for you or $20, depending on if your parents already share a messaging plan.

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