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Bill payed automatically just from logging in


Bill payed automatically just from logging in

Title says it all. I logged onto my account to pay my bill when I noticed that a $20 outstanding charge was showing past due. I spoke to customer service last month and it was suppose to be credited. I knew I was going to have to call ATT so I shut the browser down and moved onto some other bills. When I logged back onto ATT later the first page that popped up was a payment confirmation page. About a second latter I received an email confirmation of payment. I never authorized payment and I'm not on autopay. I never went past the first account page.


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I really want a good explanation on how this can happen. The bill was not even due for 5 more days. Can ATT automatically process a payment because it showed $20 past due just for logging onto your account?



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Re: Bill payed automatically just from logging in

there's no way unless someone clicked on a submit payment button. and if this was an issue it would have happened to a lot more people and would have been all over work today.
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Re: Bill payed automatically just from logging in

1) When AT&T credits you, they tell you that it can be quite a few days before the credit shows up online, may not even show up online until you get your bill.

2)You had to do something to get to the payment page and inadvertently clicked on it.
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