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Beyond frustrated, but I have a solution


Beyond frustrated, but I have a solution

I have had a horrible experience through this whole process like most people on here.  After waking up in the middle of the night to order and the system not working, I finally managed to get an order through at 6am (half a dozen tries later).  Yes I know lots of orders were being placed, but never had an issue with Amazon during black Friday or Christmas time, and I know they take more orders than the 200k AT&T is bragging about.  Having been a customer for a decade I should have known better and realized their service would be incompetent at best despite being a customer  who pays the equivalent of a car payment for a family plan and am out of contract.  

Whoever process and customer service at AT&T doesn't understand the value of their customers, you are a service company in the end with a product that is now basically a commodity to most people since we can get an iphone from two other companies.  And we all know their service coverage isn't the best, but admittedly is faster.  I would have expected much better treatment, as I am sure most of us would have.  Never could manage to talk to a manager, since there was such a long wait for that.  Half the CSR's I dealt with read from a script and were unable to work with me (admittedly a few seemed great but in the end nothing was fixed despite it being confirmed).  AT&T has set their customer service up to anger customers and has prevented them from accomplishing anything.


I think my shipping nightmare is pretty common they are sending on phone to a previous address and one to our new place (1k+ miles apart) and say there is nothing they can do and we need to deal with Fedex.  This is despite assuring us on Saturday that this would be corrected and then I verified on Tuesday both were going to our new place.  By Wednesday, they were once again heading half a continent apart.  Both were ordered the same way 30 seconds apart, and we went through the same process to get them fixed, so I am confused how this got so screwed up.


Being told today that it will be 14 to 21 days, after having all dates previously been 10/14, is the final nail in the coffin.  When I asked if I could cancel and get in a store tomorrow, they said no I have to wait for it to ship and refuse to accept the order.  They are saying it wont ship for a few weeks but I can't cancel my order?  I am out of contract, and I verified that I am still out of contract until I activate the phone.  However, since I have phones on order I can't go into a store tomorrow and pick up a phone then decline delivery.  


My plan is now to go to the Apple store when I have a chance (probably in a few weeks) and get a phone for one of AT&T's competitor.  Since I am out of contract don't have to worry about that and I am not going back under contract until I activate the new phones. I will just decline my delivery and will cancel service after I get my new phone and carry my number over.  


I will take me business else where since it is obviously not valued at all.  Hopefully whoever I select has better coverage, I was going to buy a microcell for my new place since I have no signal but maybe this will save me from having to do that.

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Re: Beyond frustrated, but I have a solution

i never had a problem with a upgrade befor. when i upgraded to the iphone 4 i went to the apple store,i was put on the email list when the iphone 4 came in i got the email drove to the store paid got the iphon4 activated all with in 15 minutes.

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