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Better explanations, to understand how certain things can be done, or even, if they can.


Better explanations, to understand how certain things can be done, or even, if they can.

I own a Samsung Captivate, that like so many other Galaxy S owners in the USA, for some obnoxious reason, can not be updated to Android 2.2, while it seems the rest of the world, is moving ahead. I don't think that these issues are due to not having Android 2.2, but I'm new in high smart phone neighborhood, and using AT&T Tutorials, simply don't tell me enough. Can you provide the answers to these questions?


1. As high class as the Captivate is, are you able to make video calls, to other mobile users? Granted, there is no forward facing camera, but you could use the back view, if it were possible. Take for instance, if I wanted to show some video, either that I have already recorded, or simply panning the area I'd like to talk to someone about, is this possible? Or do I have to prerecord the video, send it to my friend, and then after they view it, have our conversation, then? I was under the impression, that the Captivate, COULD Multi task, but the online manual, I seem to not find out how to. Does that mean you can't? And if not, is that why you can't video talk with someone? I'm not knowledgeable in this area, so please help me understand.


2. Talking to various AT&T Tech support by phone, I quickly learned that not all tech support, should be getting paid by AT&T. Not only am I told there are certain features to the Captivate that comes already loaded, but the Tutor help, will show mw how to do it. Well, I was told there was a great feature already loaded, that allowed you to assign photo's, to different people's contact names, and when they'd call you, their photo would appear on screen. I had a great program I found at get.jar, for my Nokia N73, which did just that. Can you tell me where the great app is located, on my Captivate? And how to activate it, when I find it?


3. I have a 46" Samsung LCD TV, that has no built in internet capability. I have bought MLB entire seasons, the last three years, and they are streamed to my laptop, which has TV OUT, in it'd graphics card, and I have connect to my tv, to watch the games there. I am planning on buying a set top box, that streams directly to the tv, and free my laptop, from having to do the baseball games. I saw that the Captivate, does connect to a tv, and you are able to stream content from the Captivate, to view on the tv. But there was no cord, except the USB charge cord, that came with the Captivate. Do I have to purchase another type of cord, to connect the Captivate to my tv? If so, I have no USB plug, on my tv. What type of cord, would I have to get for that? My tv is not DLNA capable, that I know of, it's some 4 years old, so I can't wirelessly transmit to the tv.I have enabled the DLNA connection from the Captivate to my Laptop, and downloaded a special video browser, yo replace Window's media player, since I can't upgrade to the version reqiuired, since I don't have Win 7 as my OS on my laptop. The laptop shows the connection to the phone is recognized, but as of yet, I haven't learned how to stream the Captivate, and view it on my pc. If the Captivate's USB cord is how to connect it to my tv, will a set top box, with USB on it, the way to stream content to my tv?


4. I asked another AT&T tech, how do I see about getting system updates, By system, I don't meam the app's. They already appear for version updates every few days. And I also don't mean, Android 2.2 update. Samsung tech said I'd be alerted wirelessly on my phone, when it is available. What I am trying to accomplish, is in Settings, you can not only check on the various versions of things on your phone, but you can also get updates, for the phone. But everytime I try to click and see about updates, it tried to connect, but after a bit, a messgae appears that it can't connect to AT&T. And if I try agin, it prohibits me, saying I needed to wait another 24 hours, to try again. The AT&T tech, claimed I had to have a wired connection to my laptop, to make it work. But when I asked what phone option to choose when I connect the two, Mass strage, Media, or the Kinect, or whatever Samsung calls it, he said that was trash, and to not use it. I said if it's trash, why did Samsung put it on the Captivate, and why is it a choice given to me. He never answered, and I hung up on him. I downloaded a Kinect mini to my laptop, but in truth, I have no knowledge, nor found, how to make this upgrade connection. Yesterday on one of the Android sites, I found a HOW TO, and it said from the Captivates phone dialer, to dial a couple of stars and number signs, 7 numbers, and 2 more star and no. signs. When I did that, what I just punched in, DISAPPEARED, and nothing happened. I then went back to settings, tried to connect again from there, and again, a no AT&T connection was made. So, my question is: how in the world do I see if there are any updates for the Captivate, when I keep failing to make a connection?


I realize this is a lot, but the tutor part, although it's a help, it sure doesn't explain a lot to you. Appreciate any help you give me.

















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Re: Better explanations, to understand how certain things can be done, or even, if they can.

1. There is a free app in the market called Fring that I've been told works with the back camera on the Captivate. I've never tried it, so I can't confirm.


2. There is no app, it's part of Contacts. Open Contacts, press and hold on any contact and select Edit. Tap the empty picture and select either Album or Take photo.


3. The Captivate has video out through the headphone jack, but you'll have to buy a cable. The cable has a headphone plug on one end and the standard red/white/yellow RCA plugs on the other. I picked one up at a local Sony outlet for under $10. You can also purchase one on the Samsung web site. The Sony cable works fine, but the red and white wires are swapped.


4. Any major system updates will be done through Kies mini, but if you want to check from the phone, you'll need to clear the data on the Device management app. Open Settings, Applications, Manage applications. Press the menu button and select Filter, All. Scroll down to Device management and select it. Tap Clear data, say OK to the warning, then back all the way out to your home screen and restart the phone. You should then be able to use Software update and it should connect.

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