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Best option for international use


Best option for international use

My husband and I will be traveling to Jamaica and would like to have one of our phones to be operational in case there is an emergency with our son.  What is the best option for us to go with?  Is it cheaper to get an international plan for one month or is it cheaper to just be roaming?

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Re: Best option for international use

I hate it when people say "emergency only," because people define the phrase so differently. For example, I'm an attorney.  Two years ago ago my sister called me in Montreal to tell me what my nephew had been arrested for drunk driving and I had to calm her down for an hour.  Was that an emergency?


ATT's discount package "World Traveler" costs $5.99 per month and can be added for only the month you want it on the web.  It reduces the price minute from $2.29 to $1.69.  That is $0.60 per minute. If you speak for more than ten minutes on your trip, World Traveler is the better deal. 


Who is calling you if there is an emergency?  Do you have a discounted international plan at home?  Are you going to be at a resort most of the time or running around the Island?  If you can take the call and run to a landline, you would come out much cheaper. If you have broadband and Skype, you could talk for free over the internet. 



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