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Best/Recommended Screen Protector for Tilt 2?

Best/Recommended Screen Protector for Tilt 2?

I just received my Tilt 2 yesterday, and was a little bothered by the fact that no screen protector was included. Anyway, I have found 2 options that really stand out to me so far. One is Bodyguardz and the other is Zagg Invisible Shield. Can anyone give me their thoughts on either one? I am only interested in the screen protector and not the full body protection. 


What is most important to me is that there are no air bubbles trapped after installation and also that the responsiveness of the screen isn't compromised.


Does anyone have any other recommendations as well? 

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Re: Best/Recommended Screen Protector for Tilt 2?

I tried one of the Mirror type screen protectors from Ebay, they were like$5.00 and some change for 2 of them. They are custome fit like everyone elses. I have to say I am impressed with it, of course I am not really picky when it comes to those things, I thought the original was fine that came with the phone. But anyway, when the screen is off its a perfect mirror, and when you turn the screen on I have no problems seeing the screen. Except I have my brightness maxed out, so it may differ when you use the auto settings. Also I have no air bubbles either.

 Just putting this out there incase anyone wanted to know!


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Re: Best/Recommended Screen Protector for Tilt 2?

There is a site called that sells 3 pack screen protectors for the Tilt 2. They are very good and specifically made for the Tilt 2.  

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Re: Best/Recommended Screen Protector for Tilt 2?

I just recently got the Boxwave clear crystal screen protector and it's phenomenal. I tried the one thast came in the box and I had bubbles everywhere.  This one rocks...

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