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Been using GoPhones for years, but....


Been using GoPhones for years, but....

I'm pretty clumsy with my phones, and since I have a little child with me all the time, the damage got worse. Instead of constantly buying me a new phone through the current plan and spending so much money, we bought me a GoPhone instead. Worked great and only cost us $15. Recently, my GoPhone Samsung stopped working, and we bought a Pantech P7040P so that I might have the chance to send and receive general media. SIM card was accepted, transferred contacts, let the battery charge. I tried to make a call and it said "Emergency calls only". I have 4 bars of signal strength, so I do a soft reset by removing the battery. Turn it back on and now I have the message "SIM not allowed MM#3". No idea what that meant, so I replace my SIM in my dying Samsung to see if something was up on both. Nope, sent messages just fine (outbound call had stopped working. Could not hear any ringing or connections). Ok, try again on the new pantech. This time I was able to send messages and even made a few phone calls. Figure my problem was over. Nope. It went on screen saver, and went back to the "Emergency calls only" crud. Another soft reset to be given the "SIM not allowed MM#3" again. Can anyone give me a clue as to what might be the issue? Can't be the difference in normal phones and prepaid, because that has worked for 4 years, and still on my little samsung. Can't be the difference in manufactures, as it worked fine till it locked itself. Or if these are the problems, can someone tell me why its only an issue some of the time?

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Re: Been using GoPhones for years, but....

I'm assuming if you go to an at&t store that the employees there would help you troubleshoot your phone for free regardless of what type of subscriber you are.  Someone at a store should be able to tell you if your new Pantech P7040P needs an updated sim card and provide you with one or at least test the phone with another sim card to make sure it can read the information off of it correctly.

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