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Bad wifi connection?


Bad wifi connection?

So i got the iphone on July 27th,  and already I have used up 23mb of data using it at home.  Problem?  I have my wifi set up and as far as I know, I have been continuously on wifi when I am at home.  So how come I have 23mb of data used up already???  Does my phone have a bad wifi connection? 

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Re: Bad wifi connection?

When the iPhone goes into sleep mode or the user turns the screen off, Wi-Fi is turned off to conserve battery life.  The only way around this is to have the device plugged into external power.


If you do not want to use data, turn off cellular data is Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data.

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Re: Bad wifi connection?

If for some reason you receive MMS while on WiFi the message will download using you cellular Data and the may incur Data usage. Not saying that this is the case , however just offering a little food for thought. Good Luck with finding the data hog one your iPhone Smiley Happy
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