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Bad Servie


Bad Servie

Can anyone tell me if their is a upgrade for AT&T bad connection service.

I travel to every major city and in Dallas, JFK, SFO Airports I will have data service but "0" Cell service

Not only does this happen in Airports but all over.

I had Sprint and have another Verizon phone and BOTH out perform AT&T

Anyone with ideas? Does AT&T listen to the customers?

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Re: Bad Servie

I have the same problem in several areas of Louisville Ky and Nashville Tn. The AT&T coverage viewer map shows BEST "Strongest Signal Strength" for my home address but in reality AT&T customers rarely if ever can get any signal in that area. Out of the 4 major carriers (Verizon, Sprint, t-mobile and AT&T) AT&T customers are the only ones affected. Their answer is " Our coverage map shows a strong signal in your area so sorry"
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Re: Bad Servie

Are you kidding? I've been to SFO lots of times and I never have a problem with voice service. 3G data, however, is something else entirely, because of the large number of people with iPhones.


In fact, airports are some of the best areas of coverage - Lambert in St Louis, Columbus International, Charleston International, Sky Harbor in Phoenix.... no issues with me at all.


Sorry dude, but I don't believe you at all.


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Re: Bad Servie

JFK AND DALLAS...sry over the summer i've been through both and had no problems...maybe its your phone/device...


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Re: Bad Servie

I can't says enough good things about ATT Uverse but I'll try. , I love the way my cable went out during game five of the World Series last October, the way it went out during important winter weather storm related news , the way it went out an hour before this years Super Bowl and when I was trying to watch a Marathon of The Walking Dead on AMC. Kudos to ATT and all of their employees for going above and beyond for their customers ! Well worth the several hundred dollars I pay monthly for their service. I've also been an Att credit card customer for twenty years and surprisingly the credit side isn't as good . They actual answer my call and respectful address my concerns , that side must be outsourced .
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