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Bad Reception in Area and in Apartment


Bad Reception in Area and in Apartment

I have had ATT for a long time.  My son wanted to get the account switched to his name but I thought about it, the cell phone reception is awful at home. 


I am on disability and after thinking it through, I am considering switching to another service if I can get my iPhone to work on another server's system.  My kid wants to get U-verse for his apartment and I may just leave the whole ATT thing behind.


I used the messaging system to speak to an ATT rep and she tried to sell me a micro-cell but it seems silly to pay $200 additional for a service I have already bought a phone (or 3) for and paid monthlies fora long time.  I used to have he internet and home phone service too. 


Is this really the only solution?  Would switching to T-mobile be wiser?  Are there 3rd party micro-cells?


Thank you for your responses. 



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