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Bad Experience


Bad Experience

I am really very frustrated from AT + T services.  I have every month with every bill lot of problem. I have to call and waiting long time to get somebody on line to explain the problem overtime.  At + T personnel overtime promise me to fix the problem, but next bill I have same problem, It happened from November 2010 and repeated every month same problem. It waste my time for too many hours every month. And the problem never got fixed. I am just upset and tired  from this company how they Handel with their customer. Let me tell some examples: As I switched from Time Warner to AT + T. The AT+T personnel and me had a fixed rate for the local call $25 per line, for three line I had to pay $ 75 per month.. BUT NEVER I GOT BILL FOR $ 75 FOR LOCAL,  Every month I got different numbers and higher amount for local charge  instead my fixed rate for $75, I got $126 in November, 138 in DCE and even I GOT $ 581.63. BILL in January 2011 for LOCAL CALL instead my rate for $.75.  Is that mistake? I talked to the Supervisor she sounds nice lady promised to solve the problem and remove all these mess from my statements, but never happened every month from November up to now for more than 6 months I have same problem and I think it can never never be fixed because the AT+T personnel don't care. They never try to fix the problems FOR MORE THAN 6 MONTHS.  Once  I was connected with a gentleman to talk about the problem.  He promised me to fix the problem and told a wireless device is included in your package without any charge. I will sent it to you for free.  I asked him if any monthly charges please do not sent it to me, I don't need it and after the telephone conversation I sent emails to him and ask him to cancel the devise if any monthly charges and also called him twice to cancel it, he said no charge, don't worry. But at the end of the month it was $75 monthly charge for the service. I called AT + T Wireless Service. The lady told me please sent the device back, you don't need to pay, and we give you credit she even sent me the return labels for the box.  I return the device.   Now, when I got my bill this month, I was really shocked again.  They still charged me for the last two months. I could not believe that.  What you call this?  I like to switch to other company as soon as possible. I am getting really sick and headache.



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Re: Bad Experience

seems your in the wrong forum. best to post in the landline area of the forum
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