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Backing up data on HTC Aria


Backing up data on HTC Aria

I updated my phone but had a problem getting the old data installed. I probably didn't back yup the phone data correctly.  How do you back up your data?

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Re: Backing up data on HTC Aria

Could you be a little more specific? How did you 'update' your phone? How did you 'backup' the phone data? Also, have you downloaded & saved the 207 page manual for the Aria. It has lots of useful information.

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Re: Backing up data on HTC Aria

I updated the ROM with the latest update.  That went well, no problem.

Before the update I copied the phones data to my computer via the USB; the phone drive and folders since th update indicated that it would erase all the data not on my SIM or SD card.


After the update of the ROM I had a problem finding the right items to download into the phone, so I reinstalled all the information.


I have downloaded the Aria pdf for the manual but that did not give more specific instructions.


I have had no problems with personalizing the phone and think it is a great phone for my purposes.

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Re: Backing up data on HTC Aria

I would also like to know how to do this.

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Re: Backing up data on HTC Aria

was the update worth all that trouble?

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Re: Backing up data on HTC Aria

you can't access phone memory without rooting. everything you see on your PC when conbcted via USB is the SD card.
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