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Backflip and Syncing with OUtlook-


Backflip and Syncing with OUtlook-

I'm a HTC Tilt user and this is the first time I've used this forum and don't know how to navigate it the way I do the AT&T Tilt Forums --- feel free to post links if this question has already been posted.


Currently with my Tilt  runnings WinMo 6.1, I can sync contacts and calendar with my work Outlook Exchange account AND my home PC that is also running Outlook Exchange.  It's time to upgrade, and reviews on the latest Tilt are horrible. But it doesn't seem as though the Backflip running Android 1.5 can do the same type of syncing a Tilt Can with Outlook.  Be advised that on both PCs I've installed MS ActiveSync 6.5.  Can a Backflip sync Outlook data with two PCs the way a Tilt can without BUYING additional software, or syncing with Google Calendar and then syncing with the phone, etc?


Thanks in advance,



P.S.  It really seems like the Tilt 2 really bites wind and I want to switch to an Android phone.  But the Outlook syncing is extremely important to me.   And Blackberrys are just plain dull.

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Re: Backflip and Syncing with OUtlook-

The Motorola Owners Forum has a lot of threads about syncing with Outlook, both with an Exchange server and without. Just use the search box in the top right of the page.

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