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Backflip: Virus?


Backflip: Virus?

Is it possible to get a virus on the Backflip? I think I picked one up off a website?

If so how do I get rid of the virus?

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Re: Backflip: Virus?

You can pretty much get a virus on anything now a days ... I would suggest downloading "LookOut" it will protect your phone and run weekly scans(Or whatever you set it to do) and also back up your phones data(Yes Motorola does too but this also backs up photos). I also suggest downloading it from the market to be safe.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Backflip: Virus?

Jake, tell me something, have you ever, in your life, read up on viruses on a Linux system?


There's less than 1000 that infect all systems; the vast majority are just to show that a Linux system can be infected; the vast majority of those don't spread very well.


Seriously, antivirus on this system is useful for two things: wasting space and eating up RAM

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Re: Backflip: Virus?


That would be a valid point if the backflip were getting steady kernel and other essential system security updates, however, since the backflip is NOT getting updates, it would be possible. Even if/when we get 2.1 unless there is constant security patches then it too could be subject to any discoverable holes. An open phone with a regular wifi connection would likely be the only practical way to take care of this issue, and it would require a repository of some sort for developers to keep the latest stable security patches on and bandwidth enough for all the subscribers. blah blah. Anyway, all I use on my home computers is Linux, and for the most part I feel fairly "safe" on my computers, but they get patched regularly.

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Re: Backflip: Virus?

I recommend clearing the "cache" on your browser, should do the issue.  Next, download "Lookout Mobile Security" - a free app from the Android Market with free AntiVirus Scanners, backups your Contacts/Pix to, provides a GPS map to find your phone when you lose or misplace it within 1000 to 20 ft of its GPS location, provides a remote siren command so you can find the phone if not easily seen, and can issue a remote "wipe" command in case stolen.


Another recommendation of mine is System PanelLite Task Manager, where you can see which apps are running in the background that you don't need, and can end, and better than an App Killer, it provides information on how much CPU time, Memory, and internal storage is available.  You can also set to show how much CPU time each app is individually using.  If you had a virus/worm app running in background you would know and could end.


It most cases, "Lookout Mobile Security" is a must have for your Android phone & for now its free!

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Re: Backflip: Virus?

I recently tried Anti Virus on my backflip, and I will say all of them terribly lagged the phone while it was loaded in memory.

I used it to scan, then once done - uninstalled it completely.  Linux based systems I would not say are more secure, as I work in Linux as a network admin, its more or less people are designing viruses that attack linux.


Most viruses /spyware are designed to go after the most widely used operating systems.


Not to say Droid phones do not get viruses because in the past week alone, two of my coworkers got a virus on their droids simply from downloading apps out the software mall.  Locked their phones up and coudln't do a dang thing.


Recently My Backflip had begun calling people on its own, sending text messages on its own and even posting out to face book on its own, on top of that - AT&T is still trying to figure out how certain pricing plans got added onto my plan that I never ordered (although one rep admitted it was an error in the billing dept)


I did not find any virus on my phone.  The weird thing is the Backflip was locked sitting on my desk in front of me, when people would call and say "Why did you just call me three times?" "Why did you send me a text with E's and Zeros?"


I finally reset the phone to factory default and as of yet it has not done it anymore. 

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