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Backflip Track Pad


Backflip Track Pad

Anyone else having problems with the Backflip track pad?  Mine just stopped working.  This phone has to be the worst phone I've ever had.  It's been nothing but problems!  First reboots, then battery issue, now the track pad.  All this in just 3 months.

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Re: Backflip Track Pad

I say file a warranty claim for it, call 1-800-801-1101 from another phone.
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Re: Backflip Track Pad

i have problems with the camera app and camcorder app, it they are not starting up, when i try to use the camera it turns  black for a few seconds and then says sorry, the application camera (process has stopped unxpectedly. please try again. The only option it gives me is (force close). when i try to use the camcorder app it makes the screen go black for a few seconds and then goes back to the homepage. can anyone help?

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