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Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?


Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

Has anyone heard any chatter about the 2.x release?  The option to eventually upgrade helped sell me on paying the extra $30 per month for data to have the Backflip.  I already pay a ton for my 5 phone family plan.


Given the issues between Google and Apple and AT&T/Yahoo (that's an ugly love triangle) I'm starting to get concerned that AT&T won't honor the promise.

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

Not gonna happen - google "Rogers Dream 2.1" and you'll pretty much have the same story.

You REALLY think AT&T wants you having ANYTHING newer than 1.5? So you can get *FREE* Google Maps w/turn-by-turn?


Yeah - right!


Look at it this way - at THIS late stage in the game, Moto is *STILL* working on "patches" for the Android 1.5 on Backflip.

Seriously - would ANYONE in their right mind have $$$-paid development staff working on a 2+ year old OS, if the 2.1 for cliq was around the corner (90days or less, 2Q2010 is fate given)?

(Cliq and Backflip are near cousins) That means NO 2.1 for Backflip. Not gonna happen. EVER. Not by Moto/AT&T, at least.


I'd say don't hold your breath, return the brick (like most of us have done/are doing) and find something else...



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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?


BACKFLIP (USA) - Upgrade under evaluation


Not sure how long it will stay under "evaluation"

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

This topic has an extensive thread on the backflip group over at Motorola's site. I highly recommend AT&T officials have a look. They are losing business and will lose more if they don't seriously consider that their customers want the upgrade to Android OS 2.1.


An official statement will definitely help them now. Right now!


I didn't have time to do my homework on the backlflip or I likely would not have purchased it. I like the hardware concept, I don't like the "Motoblur" not being an option I can't turn off or get rid of. I was looking for an Android phone, not a locked-down Facebook/Yahoo phone.

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

2.1 is NOT going to happen, not on AT&T.


If they haven't said A SINGLE WORD over the past 3 years on sub-par iPhone performance, even though companies have PROVEN it's the iPhone's design and not AT&T's network, do you REALLY think they'll say something about this? They've been dragged through the mud, beaten, publically flogged over their "bad 3G performance," and yet not a word. I myself took a 2 year old HTC Dream (G1) built for Rogers Wireless in Canada, which uses UMTS 850/1900 like AT&T's bands here, and that thing whooped all kinds of you-know-what on my wife's 3GS - I mean, it wasn't even REMOTELY close. Granted, 3G at my house is sketchy and all, but I mean, the 3GS would do like 200-500kbps, and the Dream was romping along at over 1-1.5mbps. they were 2 inches from each other, on the same kitchen counter, and I even too pictures of the screens.


They've been getting OBLITERATED in the media over the backflip, and not a single comment.


As to "Upgrade under evaluation" that's just to try to keep people quiet.

Ain't gonna happen, at least not an official AT&T-branded Android 2.1


If you want to see where this is heading, as I've said before, head over to, go to the Rogers section under Carriers, and look for the older Rogers Dream threads. Actually, just googling Rogers Dream will get you alot!


As for me? I'm going this weekend to return this brick, and close all 4 lines, and move elsewhere.

As some technosites have mentioned, AT&T just doesn't get it.


Not to mention that Ralph de la Vega is a flat-out stone-faced liar.


See ya DeathStar!

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

Ill just add some notes here on this.. I posted these over at the 2.1x thread at Motos forums as well (Im Monotremata over there)..


I just came from a Blackberry Curve for the last two years.. It came with BB OS 4.2. OS 4.5 added such functionality like video recording and whatnot so of course we were all feverish for it.. 


I had that thing for over a year before this was even mentioned by AT&T as 'coming soon'..

And as it was, when the other service providers released it, all of us at ran and installed it anyways and were miles ahead of AT&T.

The BB OS is a bit 'simpler' than Android though, no matter what carriers version you download, its got ALL of the components specific for all the different carriers in it both US and Europe.. All you had to do was remove the vendor specific stuff you didnt want and delete one xml file that specified it was only for THAT carrier.. Then bang, I had a video camera months before any normal uninformed AT&T customer did.. 


This isnt a good sign for the Backflip, especially considering how old the OS already is upon release, and no comment from either side on a release..


I still like the phone but Id like to be able to keep it for awhile.

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

There's no comment on it, because there WILL NOT be a 2.1 for backflip.



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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

I deceided to go play toy with the AT&T rep last night and asked about new phones as well as the Backflip being upgradable. And got someone who had been at the release party for the Backflip they did in Portland and he claimed the phones they had at the release were running version 2.0.1.  If true that is an improvement.

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?


marvin02 wrote:

Motorola Announces Android 2.1 Update fro Backflip - April 13, 2010

Three Cheers! If AT&T allows it. Smiley Sad


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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

Well considering AT&T is the ONLY provider with the Backflip, and Motorola just announced the upgrade is coming, what makes you think AT&T isnt the one saying 'Ok lets do this'?

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

I just wish I heard an official confirmation from an at&t person.

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

On that I hear ya! Its kinda like OS 4.5 for the Blackberry.. RIM let it out and after that it was up to each carrier to adapt it to their phones.. Most of the 'geeks' just took the OS for the euro carriers which got it first and installed it on ours.. I think it was either Rogers or Vodafone who got it out first..

Like 6-8 months later AT&T finally released their own.. And I was already 2 or 3 releases ahead of the one they finally put out.. Its still the same way with all the newer Blackberries too. Go check RIM's site and just about everybody else is on the ball and a couple versions up on AT&T..


I think the last OS I installed on my Curve just a couple days before my Backflip arrived was a 'Far East' version of the newest BB OS.. I cant remember if I even bothered installing AT&Ts already outdated release ever.

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

Looks like the HTC Aria is coming out on ATT with Android v2.1. 

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

aspex wrote:

     Looks like the HTC Aria is coming out on ATTM with Android v2.1. 

     Pocket-Sized HTC Aria to Premiere on Nation's Fastest 3G Network:

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