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Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?


Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

Has anyone heard any chatter about the 2.x release?  The option to eventually upgrade helped sell me on paying the extra $30 per month for data to have the Backflip.  I already pay a ton for my 5 phone family plan.


Given the issues between Google and Apple and AT&T/Yahoo (that's an ugly love triangle) I'm starting to get concerned that AT&T won't honor the promise.

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Re: Backflip - Android 2.x - what's the word?

sure the aria is getting 2.1 but i hear its only a 600mhz processor. so thats already slow compared to other phones on the market. its a small step in the right direction, but its definitely not something that anybody should be applauding. Think, is 600mhz going to be fast enough for 2 years of innovation, will i regret not waiting another month or so for something with a 1.0ghz or higher. there are phones coming out on other carriers in the near future with 1.2 and even rumored 1.5ghz. I believe it was samsung that stated they wanted to make a 2.0ghz phone by years end, will it happen, probably not, but dont be so excited for something so mediocre. Show at&t that we are a serious android fan base and we are serious about wanting a good android phone, not something that has similar stats to a phone thats been out for over a year now

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