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BackFlip by far the worst phone on the market!!!!!!

BackFlip by far the worst phone on the market!!!!!!

august, 2010. I have an update on my phone. i have an iphone, but, it was a little bulky for me, so i decided to go with a smaller smart-phone, the Motorola backflip.


this phone is beond bad, i am currently on my 3rd one, and have had it for a few months now. the reason i've had it for a few months is because for the last two months, it has been hidden away in my closet! i bought a pay as you go phone and put my sim card in there, because i have had three of the same phone, and all three have stopped working in the same way (go through this forum, you will see how it stopped working.)

yesterday im walking through my local mall, and just drop into an att store as its bugging me that it costs so much a month for a phone im not even able to use internet for, yet im still paying $30 per month for data! and a nice employee told me that generally around the fourth time of a repair or replacement on a phone needed, AT&T warranty department will allow you to choose another phone (sometimes charging you the cost of the upgrade price or new contract price) without adding on to your contract.

so i started looking at phones i might switch it with. i found one. and today we recieved a call from at&t reminding us that our bill is due on friday, and we tell them that we are fed up paying upwards $400 a month for three smartphones (family plan) with only two of them in usable condition. and they said thats fine, my father was busy and told me to call them and they will order my phone of choosing for me.

(i pay for my portion of the bill with the money i work for!)

so i call up, and the warrenty department tell me they will only give me another backflip, and said 'we suggest you try it without downloading apps or going online." 

then what the ____ am i paying for! they basically told me, they can send me the phone i payed for (somewhere between $50-$100 at the time) but i cant use apps ($50 that persuaded me to buy the phone gone.) and not surf the net when needed (the other $50+$30 a month data plan that is pointless.) and yet my bill would stay the same and id basically have a flip phone with the functions of a phone from late on in 2005.....

i told the man that we will call back tomorrow and try again, as i am going on campus tours for the next week starting on thursday and will need to contact my parents back home somehow.

i have the money to cancel my contract if need be. and i will do so if need be, and head down to a competing company (trying not to name drop.) and buy a phone that i know works! At&T and motorola have made me lose faith in both companys. sort it out and learn that you need to meet your customers needs, and that you can not put out phones that do not work, collect as many complaints as phones you sell, and continue to sell it and not be any help at all to consumers! companies that act like this are the reason that people hate fat-cats!!

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Re: BackFlip by far the worst phone on the market!!!!!!

Oh please its not as bad as a pantech laser. Which is a a piece of crap that broke after 7 months and has its water damage indicator located nearly outside the phone (so att refuses to replace it or inspect it for actual water damage).

Sadly this is the level of service you can get from American Telephone and Torture.

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Re: BackFlip by far the worst phone on the market!!!!!!

im from england, and im pretty sure its not better there.

and nope, backflip still wins for worst phone of the year, in seven months i went through three of them.

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